Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Hour Lectures

So today I had international Business. It is interesting that classes here are about three hours long, and most of the professors just sit down and lecture. It is rather interesting.

The after noon class was great. It's all about Victorian art and society. We're going to go on on field trips to the Tate and other museums. I'm very excited. We're going on our first one next week! We even watched a BBC documentary on the Victorian Era. I'm glad that she mixes up the class, even though her stories are rather interesting and I dont mind hearing her talk for three hours it can get tiresome.

 I found bus tickets that go to Dublin and to Amsterdam that are around £30. I'm pretty excited about it. I might finally start booking some trips. We're going to the club tonight. I'm very excited. I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

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