Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starting to Live in England.

I finally did my first bit of site seeing. We went to westminster, saw big ben. I met up with my cousin Hannah and she was telling me great stories of different protests. 1. There was a gorilla gardening in the parlement garden. They actually planted cannabis, which was a big deal because there was an illegal plant planted, in a government garden. They also took a bit of turf and made it a mohawk on Winston Church hill's statue. 2. The son of a member of Pink Floyd, went to a protest tripping on LSD, and was hanging off a world war II memorial flag. 3. My cousin was arrested for dressing up as a zombie during the royal wedding, even though she was no where near it. 4. Matt Smith used to do a call and response in bed with his mating partners. 5. It is not a good idea to go on the London Eye with your ex, because they might try to kiss you and get back together on the top...and its half an hour until it goes back down. 

Yesterday I went to my first football game. IT WAS FREEZING COLD. It was rather exciting. Even though it wasn't premier league, people were still very much into it. The game was Charlton athletic vs. Blackpool. Charlton one 2-1. There was lots of cheering. There were people with drums. I loved hearing the chants, just wish I could make out what they were saying. It did sound like they said "Ole a lot." It reminded me of the film bend it like Beckham, especially the end credits, where they sing the song "Ole Ole, feeling hot hot hot." I noticed that there were A LOT of headers. It was also pretty cool when the audience would catch the ball then throw it back to the players. 


Today I finally moved in. This is my bed. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty nice view. I'm sharing my room with Christina and Megan, which should be interesting. My bed is very squishy. We shall see how my back does. I went grocery shopping today. It is very odd I couldn't find a lot of things. I couldn't find pasta, finally found it in the cereal section. The Hummus, which they spell humous was with the veggies. Eggs were not with the milk and were not refrigerated. I couldn't find parmesan, the only cheese they seemed to have was cheddar. I did buy tea though! My internship coordinator said I should ask my boss how to make a proper tea, if it is at all part of the office chores that everyone make take part in at time to time. I did make spagetti for the roommates for dinner. It was the first time I cooked in a foreign country. 

My bed

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