Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Day of Flat Hunting

So today was more eventful, we had free breakfast that Christina, Megan, Sarah, Sara, Cedrick and I enjoyed immensely. We decided it was best to stuff our faces for breakfast to manage so that we're not hungry until dinner. We then went around the corner to the London Center, to use the school's wifi and start calling different "property managers and sales negotiators" We were able to look at three different flats. I like to think I took the role of city navigator, with my now working iphone with unlimited data, the wonderful pop up map my mom got me and my savy ways with the tube(thanks parents for raising me in new york city). I feel kind of like a super hero taking my friends around in awe. I'm sure this will pass as soon as they get there footing.
The prices went from highest to lowest in the order we saw them. Most interestingly the quality and space and things it came with the apartment, as did the distance from the school of course though. The last property manager we met with kept giving us candy.
There is Sarah getting Candy from the tin he kept passing around.  

The apartment was so far his assistant had to drive us there, which was a little scary, not just because they drive on the wrong side of the street, but also because we fit 7 people in a tiny car. It was surely a clown car. (also sorry mom forgetting into a car with a stranger but she seemed okay and it was 5 girls and one guy vs. one girl) We ended up having to take the tube back so we took the tube three times today which was appropriate because apparently today was the tube's 150th anniversary. Google even drew a little celebration of it. 
After we had our third Ithaca College London Center orientation (in a Church!) we decided to go to eat at a pub. I had a big craving for fish and chips, especially after not having anything to eat since breakfast. Of course because I got fish and chips and was in a pub, I had to get a beer. 
MY FIRST LEGAL BEER! Also Sarah is pretending to pick my nose. 

The Famous Delicious Fish and Chips
Also apparently its odd to get tea in a pub or bar here, Sarah got made fun of when she ordered one. I now have a food coma, after having so much food. I guess I should call it a night! ALL MY LOVE!  

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