Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Day of the internship

Today was my first day going to an office at 9am and working at a desk until 5pm. I felt so grown up today. I geeked out a bit about it, and wanted to call my mom at my lunch break. (how very grown up wanting to tell your mommy I know). I started the day by editing the wikipedia article they have been trying to publish. I then looked at their branding/ logo and typeface for their company. It was rather interesting to see the creative side official in the office. Around 1pm I was told that I could go to lunch any time and that I was allowed half an hour for lunch. I was also then informed that I got expenses, which is probably the most MAGICAL word you could say to an intern. Apparently they are going to be paying for my monthly student oyster card (81pounds) and lunch (only up to 5 pounds a day) BUT STILL! I really lucked out. When I came back from lunch I helped some "clients" write cover letters and apply to jobs. Many of the clients that come to attend have suffered strokes, or brain injuries. I felt that I was really helping. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. I'm very excited for the work and help I'll be providing, I just need to learn to speak up. After the internship as a treat for saying job well done, I just went down a few blocks, to London's famous toy store Hamleys. It really is very cute.
Royal Crown Jewels, Queen and guards all made out of legos
It's called ride a darlek. Kids can ride inside them
 just like those cars I used to pedal around in, expect this
 blows upso saves Mom and Dad some room, veryyyy nifty. 

That's all for now.
Ta Ta Cheerio and all that jazz

Monday, January 28, 2013

Avebury, Abby, and Bath

This past weekend we went on the first group trip. We first went to Averbury, which has an older stone henge, than stonehenge. Apparently these rocks were meant to help in some sort of fertility ritual. Our Director Bill said that he didn't want to see the females running around rubbing up on the rocks, even though we were allowed to touch the rocks, unlike at stonehenge. So naturally that's what I did, so apparently I'm very fertile now. There was a lot of snow on the ground still so Sarah and I started throwing snowballs at each other. 

Touching the rocks

Hiding behind a rock

Sarah throwing a snow ball at me


Rocks and I!
Sarah,  Megan, Christina, and Sara walking in the snow

The next place was the final resting place of King Arthur and Wife Gwen. I was rather excited to see this after just watching the series Merlin. It was rather cool to see this place, because there is a lot of mythology that goes with it, also very religious. Apparently there is a tree that Jesus actually blessed that is there. It is really beautiful, and it is really a shame that King Henry the VIII had it torn down. What is left of it is really gorgeous.

King Arthur's Tomb

King Arthur's Tomb

Famous Jesus Tree

Ewart and I goofing off after seeing the Abby

Inside the abby gorgeous staircase reminded me of labyrinth
Then went to Bath, we got dinner, I got fish and chips again, I think I might be addicted, which is weird because I didn't use to like fish, but maybe its the tarter sauce. We stayed at the YMCA, it was my frist "hostel", it wasn't that bad, the bathroom was down the hall and I slept in a hall way, but I've stayed in worse places. It was a good experience. In Bath in the morning we took a tour of the Roman Baths. It's amazing how smart they were to make a warm bathing place off of a hot spring. I also found it impressive that the Roman's went as far as to conquer England, I had no idea how far their empire really went. I have a new respect for the Romans, that as a Greek I didn't always have. I went to the Jane Austen center, but unfortunately it was closed. Though I did see the places that were in all those Jane Austen movies, and mentioned in the book. It was rather cool. 

The Roman Baths

SPQR is roman, I actually learned about it in a Rick Riordan Novel
Me at the Roman Baths

In front of the Jane Austen Center

This was actually filmed part of Les Mis the film here

Christina and I went to the Victorian Art Gallery
 After our lovely stay at bath, we went to Stonehenge. It was fun kind of cool too see thinking of all the history behind it, it was rather impressive them moving and setting up those large rocks.


I did this in front of the security guard didn't realize till after.

Because of the Dr. Who episode 


I was very excited by the sheep really wish I could have pet them

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going out and Birthday Fun

Half off jugs so Sarah I shared one

Well I last left off before we went to our first club. We went to a club called Roxy. It is great on thursdays and tuesdays. You can get in to the club for only a pound, and drinks are half price. As broke students you can see how that is an appealing offer, especially without classes on Friday. We had a great time. Finally went dancing and had some good drinks. Sarah met a couple cute blokes, who immediately knew we were from the states. They still got us a drink though! We even danced with a few of their friends, I of course showed them my great dance moves, and by that I mean I started doing the bernie lean(you should youtube that dance move). I pretty much think of it as an octopus dancing where you just lean back as far as you can and then flail your arms about. After when we were waiting for the illusive "night bus" (the tube stops running after a certain time so you have to take the bus). We found a McDonalds. We had a very good laugh about how we could still do drunk McDonalds. We met a very nice drunk bloke who gave us kisses on the cheek and made Cedrick a little jealous.

On Sunday I actually got to play ultimate in the snow! I met up with the group of frisbee players who meet up in Hyde park every sunday. It was really cool. They play "snowltimate." It was a lot of fun to lay out in the snow I have to tell you. 

My Birthday was good. We decided to do a pub crawl. We went on the Camden Pub Crawl. It was my first pub crawl and I would say that I really enjoyed it. I think that honestly it was my flat mates that really made my birthday so wonderful. They surprised me with a cake when I got home, after spending the day with Sarah. Sarah and I went to Harrods for tea. 

The tea room menu
My cupcake nails and tea cup

I thought that Harrods looked like a Russian palace with the snow
Sarah Drinking Tea

My new english boyfriend the Harrod's teddy bear
Pouring Tea

Met Woody which seemed appropriate since for my 18th birthday I went to see Toy Story 3

Christina and I on my birthday

My Pub Crawl crew just missing Cedrick

Cedrick and Sarah goofing off

Megan and I goofing off