Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Flight

So I feel that I did not do justice to my 7 hour flight to England. Virgin Atlantic was very nice. Even though my bag was over the weight limit and my carry-on bag was too much, so I had to check which would have been an additional extra bag fee, she only made me pay one bag fee, and upgraded my seat for more leg room! I told her I'd prefer not to be in the exit seat, but guess where I ended up, yes the exit seat. Luckily the stewardess was very nice, and reassuring. She offered to ask the person behind me if I wanted to switch. I decided that I'd rather stay. There was a nice british dude in a leather jacket sitting next to me. We shared a few words. I started reading "This is a book" by Demitri Martin. I highly suggest you read it. It is rather humors, I was a little embarrassed when I giggle out loud a few times. The whole time I had this song stuck in my head, (THANKS HALEY). I hope you all miss me when I'm gone!

Crossing the boarder I thought would be scary but was actually kinda cool. I got to booth 21, which is my favorite number so that's cool. They asked me what field I was interning in, which I did have pause about because I wasn't sure. I'm pretty sure now that I'm interning for the charity called Attend. You can click that link. I'll tell you if that's actually what it is. Also on the way down my ear popped. It really hurt! I couldn't hear out of one side of my head which was weird because it almost sounded like my voice echoed. 

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