Thursday, January 10, 2013

So I'm not homeless

So we finally found a flat. It is more around my price range, and its very spacious. It's in a "distinct middle eastern. It has lots of lebanese restaurants, shisha cafes and clubs line both sides of the road, with some staying open late into the night." I'm very excited about it. I think that it will feel different, yet remind me of my new york city with being open late and having stores. It will also be nice that even when coming home late or in the dark the street will be well lit from the stores, and there will be people around.
 We saw a total of eleven flats in two days. It was quiet the flat hunt if I do say so. If any one is curious on the map were on the edgware station. Right near Hyde Park! apparently it's only half an hour walk to school if we want to go through hyde park which I heard is an enjoyable walk.

This was the cheapest in price flat we saw, and by far the best. I'm so happy. Here are a few pictures of my new home. 

After we signed for the flat the landlord, because his office is over a bar, he got us free beers. So that was pretty cool. Christina got a free sherlie temple, because she doesn't drink. So even she got a free drink, which was cool.

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