Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going out and Birthday Fun

Half off jugs so Sarah I shared one

Well I last left off before we went to our first club. We went to a club called Roxy. It is great on thursdays and tuesdays. You can get in to the club for only a pound, and drinks are half price. As broke students you can see how that is an appealing offer, especially without classes on Friday. We had a great time. Finally went dancing and had some good drinks. Sarah met a couple cute blokes, who immediately knew we were from the states. They still got us a drink though! We even danced with a few of their friends, I of course showed them my great dance moves, and by that I mean I started doing the bernie lean(you should youtube that dance move). I pretty much think of it as an octopus dancing where you just lean back as far as you can and then flail your arms about. After when we were waiting for the illusive "night bus" (the tube stops running after a certain time so you have to take the bus). We found a McDonalds. We had a very good laugh about how we could still do drunk McDonalds. We met a very nice drunk bloke who gave us kisses on the cheek and made Cedrick a little jealous.

On Sunday I actually got to play ultimate in the snow! I met up with the group of frisbee players who meet up in Hyde park every sunday. It was really cool. They play "snowltimate." It was a lot of fun to lay out in the snow I have to tell you. 

My Birthday was good. We decided to do a pub crawl. We went on the Camden Pub Crawl. It was my first pub crawl and I would say that I really enjoyed it. I think that honestly it was my flat mates that really made my birthday so wonderful. They surprised me with a cake when I got home, after spending the day with Sarah. Sarah and I went to Harrods for tea. 

The tea room menu
My cupcake nails and tea cup

I thought that Harrods looked like a Russian palace with the snow
Sarah Drinking Tea

My new english boyfriend the Harrod's teddy bear
Pouring Tea

Met Woody which seemed appropriate since for my 18th birthday I went to see Toy Story 3

Christina and I on my birthday

My Pub Crawl crew just missing Cedrick

Cedrick and Sarah goofing off

Megan and I goofing off

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