Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well I'm sorry this is a little late, but its a VERY BUSY time. I think I'd like to tell the next post a story.
Once upon a time there was a girl named Alex who decided that she wanted to go to Paris, but with little money and little time she found more of an adventure ahead of her. Originally she planned to go with her flat mates, but they had "too much work" to do unfortunately. So with bus tickets already booked she decided to take an adventure with herself. On thursday the 11th of April Alex went to the bus station and boarded a 9:30pm bus to Paris. The bus stopped in the middle of the night and she had to take a ferry across the channel. At around 9am the bus arrived, immediately Alex found the metro got a ticket and started zooming across the city by their subway system. She made it to the hostel checked in and put her stuff in a locker. None of her time would be wasted so she ventured off to the Musee D'Orsay. She waited on a long que, but got in for free thanks to her visa, all residents of the European union under 26 or (students) get in for free! The girl who loved art so much could not have been happier. The main reason she came was free. The musse d'orsay had all of her favorite impressionist painters. She was taken by a few piece by Vincent van Gogh like L'talienne, La Nuit etoilee, Roses et anemones, mademoiselle Gachet dan son jardin a auver sur oise, Leslie's d'auver sur oise cue du chevelet(which was a painting that was in a doctor who episode). She also loved the paintings by Emile Bernard, Moisson au bord de la mer, La moisson, madeline au Bois d Amour. Painting she smiled at were George Seurat's Cirque and Henri De Toulouse-Lautec's Rousse and Le Lit, as well as Edward Degas drawings of dancers. She was taken by Paul Signac's La Demolisseur, Entree Du port de La Rochelle, La voile verte and Courbet's giant paintings. There was just so many beautiful paintings in such a little space.
After her journey through the museum she went to meet up with Katie, a cousin of the lovely Kartzmer family who she held so fairly dear. She got a panni which she had trouble ordering because Alex spoke no french, but Katie growing up her whole life in France, was able to order for them. After lunch they ventured to the Lourve which was probably the biggest museum that Alex had ever been to, they saw many famous works of art like the Venus di Milo, and Mona Lisa. It was vey beautiful and impressive the whole museum. After the Lourve they went to recharge and get coffee. Then they went to the Notre Dame, the home of the hunch back of Notre Dame and those famous gargoyles.
Alex said goodbye to Katie, because she had soccer practice and went exploring the 850 year old building. It was a very beautiful church and a mass was going on while Alex looked around. The stain glass was breath taking.
After that the girl went to the hostel to have dinner by herself. The hostel was crowded and some French guys started hitting on her, until her burger came. Then a nice Brazilian woman who was traveling by herself suggested she go check out the eiffel tower with her and her new Brazilian man friend. Alex did and enjoyed making new friends very much so. Alex got to see the beautiful eiffel tower light up at night. Alex did not know about the light show, and was completely caught by surprise when the giant landmark started sparkling. Her face could only be compared to a five year olds on christmas morning. PURE JOY. As first days in Paris go it was not too shabby.

The next day Alex took a walking tour of paris met a few new friends. The tour guide reminded her of an old friend and funny enough he was a Laguardia High School Alumni. (A fellow new yorker) The tour was very informative and very gruesome. Even just from the French revolution we know that France's history is a bloody one. After the tour which showed streets that would remind you of a midnight in paris, Alex got french onion soup at a bistro. After warming up and having some soup Alex went with her new friends to visit Oscar Wilde and Jim Morison's grave in a huge famous grave yard. Then they went to see the outside of Moulin Rouge. Alex then met up with the family friend Katie got savory crepes for dinner

The next day Alex full filled her long held dream of going to see the place of versailles. She had learned a lot about it in World History class in high school. She wanted to see its grandeur in real life. The hall of mirrors was interesting.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was interesting to say the least. There was a club called "The Church." So I was able to tell everyone back home that I went to Church on Easter Sunday. It was in the middle of the day and everyone dressed up it was rather silly. I will say being in England for Easter is really great though. Cadbury chocolate eggs? Cadbury chocolate egg mcflurries? COULD YOU WANT ANYTHING ELSE?
Steven wore his mask from venice and Linda dressed as a bunny  

Charlie I and Linda dressed our easter bunny selves

The stage was huge. This is the Church.