Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Magistrate

So interview done, work study training done, first day of classes accomplished. The interview went very well. It was more of a get to know you and as my mom said, check that I didn't have three heads or anything (not that I have anything against people with three heads. I'm sure they're very nice). I did have a little trouble on occasion answering questions, because I was a little distracted by the gorgeous accent my interviewer had. I might have asked him to repeat a couple of time, just to hear him say the question again.

Work Study seems to be fairly easy and fairly straight forward, I'll either be answering the phone/door and making photocopies, or check people's books in and out at the library sitting in front of a computer. So hopefully I just get better hours.


Well Classes are three hours long here. I did not meet my Sociology Professor, for British Youth Culture but the sylbus looks great. We'll look a lot about how music affected youth culture as well.

The next class I had which I'll be honest I did almost fall asleep in because it was dark and I was tired. I did wake up though and he played Can't get you out of my head by Kylie, which of course got in my head which he said was the interesting part of the song. We analyzed the crap out of it. It is actually pretty great. I think it'll be a really interesting class and we'll get to go to a bunch of shows.

Talking about shows, the London Theater class had an extra ticket to the Magistrate, so I got to go see it tonight. It was great. I'm constantly blown away by the National Theater. They seriously have the best tech design. Their set was incredible!!! I mean I should be fair the only other show I saw there was    War Horse, but War Horse was really amazing too. You really forget that the puppet is a horse. The Magistrate's stage set moved all over. It folded and opened the transitions were gorgeous and seamless. There was such beautiful detail. The performances from the cast was fantastic. John Lithgow was fantastic, his comedic timing and faces were amazing. He is a very talented actor. The whole cast was fantastic, very talented. I would recommend seeing the Magistrate to everyone.

That's all for now! Ta Ta Cheerio and all that Jazz.

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