Sunday, March 10, 2013

if you're lucky enough to be Irish then you're lucky enough

Dublin was a rather rocky trip. It was our first one on our own, and I think it was really interesting to see how we may have turned into our parents in many ways on the trip. I slowly realized how I was turning into my mother on vacation. I think it's different when you're spending your own money and time on a trip really. The trip started off (waking up at 4am)with us loosing a member because Sara woke up sick, poor dear so she missed the trip completely (we really missed her). Then we missed our bus, but were able to to get the next one and made it to our 8am flight. We arrived in Dublin at 9am only for me then to realize I had left my wallet on my bed and only had 8 Euros to my name. I was beginning to think I repelled money on these trips. Megan was kind enough to lend me money again. The airport was only half an hour away from Dublin City Center.

The hostel we stayed at was called Jacobs Inn. We were in a mixed dorm 10 person room. there were 5 other gentlemen. We decided to go walk around Dublin, we went to Trinity College. We looked at the Old library which was gorgeous. We then went to that national library and saw an exhibit on W.B. Yeats. Then we went to the museum. After that we went to the green. It was a gorgeous park that really reminded me of central park. After the park we walked around more and came across a lovely market. We got some freshly made cupcakes. Then we went to Dublin Castle. It was unfortunately closed but we were able to go view the garden in the back which was gorgeous, and the weather was lovely everything was starting to bloom. After that we went back the hostel for a much needed nap. We had dinner at Quays which was right across from the famous Temple Bar. I got a Irish stew with Guiness in it. I had a pint of cider with it. For desert we had a brownie with Bailey's Ice cream it was delicious! Sarah and I went to a few bars and heard some live music.

The next day we went to the modern art museum of Dublin which was closed, and then went to the Guiness factory. That evening we went to a pub to hear some live traditional irish music. It was very good.

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