Sunday, March 10, 2013


We arrived in Madrid in late afternoon. I slept most of the rainy train ride, though I did enjoy watching the Iron Lady in Spanish for a bit, and writing out postcard to some loved ones. Once in Madrid we found our way to some paella, because honestly Sarah and I became addicted because it is the most amazing meal. It is salty and a little spicy and delicious. We met a lovely canadian and spanish couple. The spaniard he met his wife when he was studying in canada. She still hasn't learned spanish but they still come to spain every now and then. I really would love to have that life, marry a spaniard and get to come to spain every year or couple of years. I really have fallen in love with Spain, the food, the dancing and music, and the naps! There really is so much to love. After lunch we checked in at our hostel which really wasn't the best but had a nice location right next to the palace. Katie Adrian then came to meet up with us and we got churros and hot chocolate to dip it in. Then we went to look at the market and Katie showed us around a bit of Madrid she likes. We then met up with some friends in her program, and had some drinks. The next day Sarah and I went walking around Madrid we got breakfast and I had the torrtia which is basically a spanish omelette which was very delicious. Sarah got the fried potato which came in this really delicious sauce that tasted like the sauce paella comes in. We tired to go to a couple of museum but found them to be rather expensive. We went through the park. It was unfortunately raining but it was still lovely to walk around and see the arch! For lunch around 2pm we met up with my friend Diana. We walked around Madrid with her as well and got Churros at this famous place. It was VERYYY delicious best churros diped in chocolate I've had in my entire life. Then we went to the museum saw Picasso's famous painting called the Guernica. It was magnificent. I really have a new appreciation for Picasso and for Dali. I enjoy their artwork. After the museum we got more paella and sangria for dinner. We took a nap then took our plane back home to very cold not so sunny London.

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