Sunday, March 10, 2013

Are you a true scotsman?

I took a 8 hour bus ride thursday night arriving Friday morning. I arrived in Edinbrough at 6:30 am I waited an hour until the sunrised, then started walking around. I saw the ocean it was beautiful. Edinburgh is really gorgeous. I then walked to Edinburgh Unviersity. It was really beautiful I would have loved to have gone to school there. I then got breakfast. English breakfast tea and bacon on a roll. It was delicious and fresh. They even gave me a piece of chocolate on the side of my tea. After that I went on a tour of Edinburgh castle which was really beautiful. I loved seeing the views from the top. I even saw "Arthur's seat" which was cool since I just finished watching the series Merlin. After that I ran to the national gallery. They had some beautiful paintings. It was really nice. I then hopped on a three hour bus to Aberdeen to see Sally. Sally and I caught up got some lunch and then went to her place. She had a lovely cottage, she lives with all scottish girls. It was really nice to see what it was like to live there. She took me out and let me just say, Scotland has a pretty great night life! Drinks and food was way cheaper there than in London. Scottish accents are really lovely too. Aberdeen's campus is absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of Hogwarts. I was very jealous of Sally's life. I would love to go to school there. The second night Sally took me to a ceilidh. It was amazing. It is a new favorite activity of mine. Its like folk dancing but with traditional gaelic music. There is a lot of getting swung around by men in kilts. It was amazing.

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