Sunday, March 10, 2013


Alicante was wonderful. Sarah and I arrived by train the first day. We were a little disheartened when was saw that it was raining, but we soldiered on. The bed and breakfast said that we would be able to a bus easily from the train station, but we couldn't even find a bus stop. So we decided to walk there because Alicante isn't too big of a city it is very easy to walk through it. We got a great deal on meal which was three courses and a glass of wine for only 9 euros. I got a kind of fish soup, which reminded me a little of noodle and manhattan clam chowder. It was really delicious. I then had steak and chips. I had a delicious red wine. We had flan for desert which was very good. After lunch we made our way to the bed and breakfast which was right next to a beautiful church and across from a museum. Even in the rain, Alicante was a gorgeous city. The buildings are brightly colored. They are yellow, pink, orange, many colors of the sunset. Our B&B was lovely and was very cheap per night, it had heating and air conditioning a tv and gave us towels as well as a lovely rooftop breakfast, but we'll get to that later. After checking into the B&B Sarah and I got lost wondering the city streets. We went into a gallery and admired the street art. A lot of the places were closed because it was raining, and they decided not to reopen after siesta. That night per Jackson's recommendation we went to a restaurant called Miami. It was near the beach. I got a pasta dish which oddly enough had an egg over easy on top. Jackson Chauncey, and Chauncey's sister Audrey met us after dinner for drinks at around 9:30. We went to this cute cafe place and got delicious sangria. It was so great to see them. They looked amazing glowing, and Jackson looked so natural in Spain, their spanish was so good. I was very impressed. They had class the next day so, Sarah and I woke up to a beautiful sunny Alicante. We had breakfast (which was toast with cheese and ham) on the roof of our bed and breakfast. We had a great view of the castle and church. It was so sunny and beautiful out I wore just leggings and a tank top with my cardigan (IN MARCH!). After we went to walk on the beach and enjoyed the sun. We met up with Chauncey and her sister and got some gelato, she showed us around alicante and the market place told us some of the history of spain and alicante, about the dictator there during WWII and how there were bombings in the market killing lots of civilians (not a happy story really). I got some delicious Valencian oranges there though, Sarah got some fresh strawberries which were delicious as well. After leaving Chauncey so she could go to lunch we got some delicious chicken paella and wine. We then took a nap, then sat on the beach to get our toes in the sand. Later we met up with Chauncey, Audrey and Jackson for drinks with some of their friends from there program. We were able to get buckets of beers which was rather lovely. We then said our goodbyes and then in the morning after having our rooftop breakfast set on a train to Madrid.

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