Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abbey Road

So today for a class field trip we went to Abbey Road which was amazing. Here are some photos we read a poem about liverpool there and I found the metaphor in the poem tying it to old ladies waiting for the Beatles to come back like people waited for Jesus to be resurrected. I was quiet pleased with myself for getting that reference. This was the poem

Liverpool Echo – Carol Ann Duffy

Pat Hodges kissed you once, although quite shy,
In sixty-two. Small crowds in Mathew Street
Endure rain for the echo of a beat,
As if nostalgia means you did not die.

Inside phone-booth loveless ladies cry
On Merseyside. Their faces show defeat.
An ancient jukebox blares out Ain’t She Sweet
In Liverpool, which cannot say goodbye.

Here everybody has an anecdote
Of how they met you, were the best of mates.
The seagulls circle round a ferry-boat

Out on the river, where it’s getting late.
Like litter on the water, people float
Outside the Cavern in the rain. And wait.

 I can't believe classes are so cool here. I really love this class british youth culture. I'm learning so much about their culture as much as my own. It is so great. It was also entertaining watching my professor stop traffic so he could take photos of us. It was a little scary.

Our whole class in front of abbey road studios
classic picture
then running so i dont get hit by a car

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