Friday, March 22, 2013

House of Lords

I'm a very lucky lady. I had the most wonderful opportunity to actually get a tour and eat in the house of lords! As part of my internship, we were invited to dine at the house of lords with the very gracious Lord Fraser who just so happens to also be a president for the charity I have been interning at. Working at has been a wonderful experience and by far one of the best parts of my abroad experience. I have learned so much about the culture. BUT ANYWAY back to the fantastic trip to the house of Lords. We weren't allowed to take pictures but of course that didn't stop yours truly.

The hall was beautiful it reminded me of the ceiling from harry potter

The ceiling beams are just so gorgeous

Here is in fact the house of lords 
Fun fact I learned is that the house of lords is red so wherever you go the seats and details are red, but once you go to the house of commons everything is green. So remember house of lords red, house of commons green.

After the visit we took a photo outside with Lord Fraser from left, Ryan, Cam, Lord Fraser, Ewart and I

The Attend Gang From left Me, Cam, Ewart, and Ryan

Of course an embarrassing cold selfie with Big Ben

Taking the Bus

After our lunch we decided to go enjoy the bumper cars across the thames river since were weren't needed back at the office there was a great arcade and bumper cars next to the London Eye.

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