Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sarah and I arrived in Barcelona in the evening. We walked along La rambla street. We got a little lost but eventually found our way to our amazing hostel, called "the Hipstel" (which is a play on hostel and hipsters) It was a beautiful old spanish architecture building, and our room had old spanish tiles for the stairs to our private room which was nice. After we got our room settled we went to meet up with Megan and Christina. We all went to a bar called Mojito rocks, which had the best mojito I have ever had. The next day Sarah and I did some walking around. We tried to meet Megan and Chrisitna at the market off la rambla but it was unfortunately closed on sunday. We walked in the gothic bari district saw some beautiful architecture. We walked over towards the ocean. We got some tapas and sangria which was delicious our waiter spoke english and flirted with Christina, who had the same name has his wife. We tried Manchego cheese which was delicious. I ordered muscles which were very good. After lunch we walked along the pier and got some chocolate covered churros. They were also very good. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for the Picasso museum because its free after 3pm on Sundays. We went to the park and saw a beautiful fountain, and a wolly mamouth statue. Finally we got to the picasso museum which had an amazingly long line. It was great to see Picasso's early work though. He was a very talented 15 year old. Sarah and I then went on a pub crawl that night and made two new friends from the hostel. Roy who was from Israel and booked this trip last minute, and Saul who was from Mexico, but wast studying in France. We went to a club called Opium they had chocolate fondue. There was a saxophonist who played some big hits and was very talented. The next day Sarah and I went to Park Guell, which is easily now my new favorite place in the world. It was absolutely gorgeous you could see all of Barcelona from up there, and it was gorgeous, it reminded me of doctor Seuss. It was so colorful. Then we went to the Sagrada familia, which they were unfortunately doing construction on. I loved it though from what I saw, because it looked like the sand drippy castles I used to make with my dad when I was a kid. By that point Sarah and I were starving so we got lunch at Barcelona's famous sandwhich place, called Bo de B. The sandwhiches were amazing. Once we had the sandwhiches we walked over towards la rambla and the plaza there. We went to the bocadillo market and got freshly squeezed mango and orange juice. It was delicious. I went to a book store to look for a book for my mother but had no luck finding it. After that we went back to the hostel and joined the spanish culture in taking a siesta(nap). After that we met up with Roy and Saul for dinner, and then went to Chupitos which had different types of crazy shots. They would light them on fire and everything. It was exciting. The next morning Sarah and I took a train to Alicante.

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